1-Concentrated Alkaline Detergent

     Concentrated Alkaline Detergent


2-Instrument lubricant spray

    Tested approved and recommended by Dr. Brill +Partner GmbH

    (Institut für Hygiene und Mikrobiologie)Germany.

3-Multi-Enzyme Detergent

  Enzymatic system Concentrated formula for cleaning
  of medical instruments

4-Instrument Transport Gel

    Pre-soak gel for surgical instruments

5-Medical Instrumentals Disinfectants

    Dr. Disinfectant formulated has exceptional cleaning properties, this is a  complete product.

    Do not add other chemicals, such as bleach ordetergents.

    Added chemicals may destroy the effectiveness of this product.

6-Multi-Enzyme Cleaning & Disinfectant

   Enzymatic system Concentrated formula for cleaning
   and disinfection of medical instruments